20-24/06/2021 – World Forum on IoT

News and Announcements – IEEE 7th World Forum on Internet of Things

ERATOSTHENES was presented at the 7th IEEE World Forum on IoT (WFIoT2021) that took place on the 14 June – 31 July 2021 remotely. The project and INLECOM INNOVATON (as the coordinator) was one of the organizers together INTEL, Fortiss and Fujitsu of the particular session on “Hurdles, Challenges, and Opportunities of IoT Moving Towards 6G”. ERATOSTHENES was represented by Konstantinos Loupos and Thomas Krousarlis (INLECOM INNOVATION) that presented the main project objectives starting from the IoT and 6G related challenges and opportunities under the theme of “IoT cybersecurity and privacy, (I)IoT applications and service (blockchain)”. Special attention was spent on highlighting how to foster exchange of innovation between different realities (SME, university, research centres, industry), on experience and challenges among all members of the IoT community, on standardization aspects and finally on how to match the innovation streams of the IoT community with the ongoing 6G discussions. The workshop was supported by the following projects: ERATOSTHENES, EFPF, CSA EU-IoT, TSNWiFi, 5GENESIS, SecureIoT, IoT-NGIN, PHOENIX, InSecTT, CHARIOT.

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