eratosthenis l14a


The ERATOSTHENES project will:

Objective 1. Design a Trust Framework and a Reference Architecture to ensure end-to-end trust and identity management in distributed IoT networks, suited for resource-restricted environments, critical and industrial applications

Objective 2. Design and develop a lightweight, distributed, and dynamic Trust Manager to enhance the trust in large-scale distributed networks of heterogeneous IoT devices covering each layer and cross-layer of the network

Objective 3. Design a decentralised, scalable, efficient and privacy preserving IoT identity management to conciliate the requirements of self-sovereignty and privacy preservation in a distributed, interoperable and transparent trust model, including self-encryption/decryption schemes and IoT identity recovery

Objective 4. Build the lifecycle management and the overall governance layer of the trust network on novel Distributed Ledger Technologies and a hybrid consensus protocol. Implement Smart Contracts for enforcing access policies and sharing trustworthiness within the network guaranteeing their transparency, integrity, authenticity, and authority. Design of Inter-ledger Cyber-Threat Information Sharing, and automated Recovery Solutions based on a multi-layer approach

Objective 5. Integrate and Validate the approach through real-world pilots to assess its effectiveness and organize hands-on training through realistic cybersecurity exercises

Objective 6. Deliver knowledge via dissemination and capacity building, supporting the enforcement of the Cybersecurity Act and standardization activities and build a robust exploitation plan and market positioning